Max, Mini Schnauzer mix – Family Unknown
Max is a stray from an Alabama shelter was rescued the day he was scheduled to be
euthanized.  Terry was called to train him.  He had no obedience was reserved with other dogs.  
Terry board and trained him.  She recognized Max’s talent to be a hearing dog.  She then trained
under Martha Hoffman of the San Francisco Hearing Dog Program and offered to foster Max.  Max
did so well with other people; Terry also brought him to Laguna Honda Hospital where he began
his assisted therapy career.  October 2009, Max graduated from the Hearing dog Program as
their first career change assisted therapy dogs.

Max lives with Terry and her other rescue/working dogs.  He brings much needed joy to the
many chronically ill patients who often do not have family or visitors

Murphy, Miniature Poodle – Family Anonymous
Terry dog sat Murphy over several years.  His owners asked terry to take him when they moved
out of state.  They had a young baby boy that was too rough for little Murphy.  Murphy also
howled and shook when the babies cried.  Terry assessed Murphy with some fear issues and
potty training issues.  Terry fostered him, taking him with her everywhere for a year.  He visited
the hospitals with Terry and soon became a great companion to the sick and elderly.  Murphy
also gained much needed confidence.  

Terry placed Murphy with a loving retired couple that has two other small dogs.  He still visits
retirement homes with his family.  He is very loved by his new people and animal family

Buddy, Mini Pinscher mix and Rocco, Rottweiler - The Carrick Family
Terry has dog sat and walked Buddy for eight years.  She also cared for and walked our seven-
year-old Rottweiler Rocco for three years until he passed on from old age.  We travel often and
wanted a home environment for Buddy and Rocco while we are away.  Buddy gets to play with
other dogs and is cared for by Terry as one of her own.  Rocco as a geriatric dog was also well
taken care of.

She is extremely patient with all the dogs and has a special talent for understanding each dog's
needs.  All her dogs and visiting dogs get hours of individual attention, playtime, and love.

Terry also helped us with several medical issues when she noticed Buddy had come to her with
a severe ear infection.  She took him to her Veterinarian and taught us how to maintain his
chronic ear problem.  We highly recommend Terry as a dog trainer/doggie day care and board.  
She truly cares about all dogs.

Buster, Sheltie Corgi mix – Family Unknown
Buster was found wandering the streets of Hayward.  Terry took him in and searched for his
owners for several months.

Buster had severe separation anxiety, ripping apart doorstops and scratching severely at doors
to get out and not be alone.  There were never any lost reports at any of the shelters or
responses to Terry’s many flyers.  He was an older dog that needed a lot of reassurance.
She trained Buster to be a companion dog because he would need a home where he was not
alone.  He was a loaner dog that did day visits for several senior citizens that wanted the
company of a gentle obedient dog.  Buster also went to work with one of the Rancho Esperanza

Four years after Buster’s rescue date, he developed spinal problems and began losing his sight.  
He lived his life out with Terry and the other rescue dogs at Rancho Esperanza.

Minnie, Jack Russell Boston Terrier mix, and Duchess, Pekinese – Dominguez Family
Minnie and Duchess were found running along back highway in Chico, CA.  Terry contacted
animal control.  They cited the owners for animal endangerment.  The owners were divorcing
and could not keep the dogs Terry offered to take both small dogs.  Duchess was given to us as
a Christmas present to our two young daughters and us.

Laddie, Rottweiler Lab mix - The Gibb Family
After my father died, my mom who is disabled needed to move to assisted living and their much-
loved Labrador mix dog was left without anyone in the family who could take care of him.  We
attempted to take him in, but soon realized that in our small house it was not possible for this to
be permanent.  It is very difficult to find a new home for a larger mixed ten-year-old dog.  Laddie
had also developed an extreme separation complex and could not be left alone.  There was
even some talk in the family of putting the dog to sleep.  Terry managed to find the perfect
family for him who was willing to take him into their home.  Transporting the dog from Seattle to
California proved to be a challenge since the dog was so nervous that it arrived an absolute
mess.  After that, Terry took it to a pet shop, bathed. and walked him until he settled down.  
Terry kept Laddie in her home for several months, taking him with her and her other dogs to
help him adjust to new environments.

Although we never met the new owners, we hear periodic reports from Terry that the dog to this
day is still alive and a special member of the family that adopted him.  Terry made sure that
Laddie went to a home with other dogs and a stay at home mom due to his separation anxiety
issues.  (Laddie is now almost 19.)  It has been such a wonderful thing to see him placed in a
home that was so perfect for him and it is great to be able to report to my mom that he is still
alive and doing well.  Terry really went out of her way to help and showed wonderful
compassion to both our family and to the dog.  She has a special way of caring for, training, and
comforting dogs.

Sampson, Giant Schnauzer - Owner Anonymous
Sampson was my first dog.  He was a 100 lb Giant Schnauzer puppy that needed an
experienced trainer and handler.  Sampson dragged me down the street in pursuit of other
dogs, knocked me down the stairs, and was a very rough, although playful dog.  He effortlessly
ripped sheet metal off the outside wall of my house.

Terry took him in as her own dog due to his overly rambunctious nature.  He was not a dog for
the average owner.  She took him on long runs daily and trained him to off leash advanced
obedience levels.  

At nine years old terry noticed that Sampson was very sensitive to her mother that had Cancer.  
He constantly followed her around the house and sat at her side.  Terry encouraged Sampson's
natural tendencies and gave him the job of caring for her mother so she did not fall out of her
bed or the couch.  He was also a huge comfort to her.

Terry was brave enough to teach him how to swim alongside her.  It took bravery and a lot of
scratches on her entire body, but they both soon succeeded.  Sampson loves to swim with her.

Sampson is now almost twelve years old.  Thanks to Terry’s diligent training, Sampson is a very
gentle Giant.  He still lives a very happy life.  Thanks to Terry’s training, rescue, and sanctuary
vision, Sampson has spent many years bounding the hills swimming and safely playing off leash
at Rancho Esperanza.

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